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Bioactive Insects

Springtails and Isopods are very beneficial to your terrariums. They act as "clean-up crews" to take away decaying material including mold and dead vegetation. They are constantly making sure that the balance within the substrate is just right. It's safe and recommendable to put these 2 together to have a healthy terrarium. When you bring them home make sure to leave out at room temperature for a couple of hours. When seeding them into your terrarium make sure to provide an area of high humidity for them to retreat to when hydration is needed. These species are tolerant to dryer environments but can't last long without moisture.



Each Isopod culture are packaged with biodegradable puffs and 2 water beads. The puffs acts as a food source as well as substrate. They create nooks and crannies for the isopods to feel secured. Both the puff and the water balls can be transferred directly to your terrarium. The puffs can stay acting as a temporary food source. They are safe and will dissolve over time. You also have the option of separation the isopods with the puffs. The process should be simple and less time consuming



Each springtail culture are packaged on our very own "Moon Rock" with key ingredients such as charcoal and water. It makes for easier transfer from the container to your terrarium. Once you bring the springtails home you can pop off the "Moon Rock" and leave it in your terrarium over night. If the springtails are still on the "Moon Rock" you can spray them with room temperature water and they should slide into the terrarium easily.

The Story Behind "Moon Rock"

Reptile Deli Inc. Springtail Culture "Pucks" are Sold in over 800 Retail stores across the USA. Our CEO & Founder, Brian Kaczmarczyk, spent over 12 months researching and developing this culture puck and packing. He may have just lost his mind and thought he was on the moon with this New Cutting Edge way to package Springtails. Maybe not so crazy? This new innovative way of packaging springtail cultures has led to the most extended shelf-life we have ever seen in a springtail culture product. It also makes ease of use so painless that our product went viral by the end-user on TikTok.

Q & A

Q: what do I do after I've purchased the isopods?

A:  You can transfer the puffs and balls directly into your terrarium since they act as a temporary food source. The puffs will eventually dissolve over time. You can also separate the puffs and just add the isopods in. Once they are in your terrarium make sure they are in a moist environment. 

Q: what do I do after I've purchased springtails?

A: Springtails need to live in a moist environment since they can rapidly lose moisture in their body. Once you have a springtail culture you can pop out the moon rock and directly add it to your terrarium and wait until most if not of all the springtails have moved into your substrate. if there are any remaining springtails you can lightly mist them with room temperature water so that they slide off. Once that's been completed remove the moon rock and dispose of it. another method you can do is to flood the container with room temperature water and pour it into your terrarium. This will not hurt the springtails since they will float to the top once the water is added.

Q: what are springtails and how do I culture them?

A: Springtails are very small arthropods that are part of the cleanup crew they are perfect fr

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